About Us

Pride Grooming is a brand fully dedicated to the celebration of the conservative male who chooses to be unapologetically masculine. Let’s face it, with all the equality talk concerning LGBT and feminism issues, it appears that the original, alpha male has been neglected. Not to take anything away from these lifestyles/ideologies but at the end of it all, we men need our space in society too.

The kind of man we are targeting with our products is the one that appreciates good grooming, but acknowledges that there has to be line between how he achieves this and how women do it. To him, being masculine is a fairly straight-forward thing without the need to follow the metrosexual trend.

As a brand, we acknowledge the challenges that this group of men may experience in a world so intent on being politically and socially “correct”. For starters, products unapologetically targeting them are frowned upon and companies are cautious of going all out to cater for them. Not us!

We sell a variety of products that would appeal a lot to the males who are proudly accepting of their gender roles. These are men who know that manhood comes with a certain image which should never be compromised. Forget about the stereotypes that the conservative male has to look scruffy with few scruples; we are offering you a range of products that will help you stay well-groomed but within the confines of your true masculinity!