Tips to increase beard hair growth

Tips to increase beard hair growth

The beard is a symbol of any man’s pride. From time immemorial, beards have always been a connotation for with power, wisdom, leadership, masculinity, and virility. To some cultures, beards represent a state of revered leadership, while to some it depicts sexual maturity.

Are you yawning to grow beards or you’re a patchy bearded man who has pondered about how to stimulate facial hair growth or tips and tricks to grow your beard faster?

First, you must understand that growing your mustache or a full beard requires some perseverance and patience, because, amongst other things, the rate of growth rate depends on your individual testosterone level and genetics.

Irrespective of the role of nature in growing your beards, here are simple hacks you can employ to grow your beards faster naturally:

  1. Optimize your Lifestyle

Optimizing your lifestyle simply means taking proper care of your body. This is important as your facial hair conditions have a direct relationship with your body health.

To start with optimizing certain lifestyle factors, you need to consider sleeping more. Recent studies claim men with longer hours of sleep per night have almost 2x the level of testosterone in guys who sleep for lesser hours.

Stress is a life activity that kills beard growth in men. Ensure you reduce stress to the bareness minimum and this can be achieved by engaging in more exercise as exercise helps to improve blood circulation in the promote and inadeptly promote facial hair growth.

Also, keep your face clean at all times, rinsing with warm water and mild soap every morning and evening. Why? A clean facial skin enhances tiny hairs to grow.



  1. Eat Right for Beard Growth

It’s noteworthy to know that a good and healthy eating habit quickly enhances sprouting of hair from beard follicles and promotes the release of beard growth hormones.

It’s a popular belief that foods rich in protein will go a long way but in actual sense, gun for diets richer in carbs and fat with a moderate amount of protein. This is the best for stimulating beard growth through the production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), an important beard growth hormone.


  1. Supplements that Stimulate Beard Growth

In addition to healthy eating lifestyle, you can rouse the growth of your beard faster by supplementing your diet with the potent and appropriate minerals and vitamins. Have you been thinking that “Are there supplements that promote facial hair growth?”


Of course, YES!!!

Over 10 compounds have been scientifically proven to stimulate the production or release of testosterone and dihydrotestosterone which makes beards grow faster. This includes herbs, serines, micronutrients, and amino acids.




  1. Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is supported by a scientific evidence that says pointing a specific wavelength of the red light laser can increase beard growth when aimed to the testicles, a place where the Testosterone is produced. Isn’t this interesting to give a try?

To get to the threshold wavelengths, just acquire flashlights that are in the range of 630-850nw, and you would be able to achieve the same results as observed in the report by pointing the light to your beard area for 20-30 minutes every day.


  1. Pride Grooming and Staying Committed to the Process

One major reason several men usually find it difficult to grow beards is their non-persistence. You can’t afford to just easily give up because of your skin become itchy such that you scratch your beard day and night.

Beard growing is a process and you just have to be disciplined and committed to the process. Allow your beards to grow for at least four weeks and try as much as possible to resist shaving.

Your beard is your pride. Ensure you groom it appropriately by applying beard oils such as our Nutmeg & Cedarwood. Such beard oil must feature rich base that replenishes hair with essential vitamins and nutrients, and naturally, strengthens, nourishes and softens your beard.