Isn’t it somewhat ironic that your brand is called ‘Pride’ Grooming?

There isn’t one universal definition of “Pride” nor does any individual or group own it. One Oxford Dictionary definition of the word, is the “Consciousness of one’s own dignity”, another being ” A group of lions forming a social unit”.

Are you suggesting gay men can’t be masculine too?

No, just as straight men are capable of being effeminate. There isn’t one interpretation of “Masculinity”, as with “Pride”, however we are targeting those who have a certain understanding of what it entails.

Are gay men banned from buying your products?

Not at all, in fact everyone is welcome to purchase from us, including those from the LGBT community. Our target market just happens to be straight males who hold traditional, conservative values.

Are you homophobic, transphobic, misogynists? 

No, we feel everyone is entitled to an opinion, we believe disagreement doesn’t necessarily equate to hate. We stand for and support the rights of individuals to have certain views and beliefs and encourage respectable discussion and debate on these issues. It is entirely possible to disagree without being hateful, discriminatory or resorting to violent oppression. It does however seem that many in society want to conveniently label others as being homophobic or misogynistic merely for believing homosexuality to be wrong (be it religious or cultural grounds) or disagreeing with feminism, particularly it’s third wave form. Indeed there are many women themselves who do not agree with contemporary feminism.

Why don’t you just stick to selling grooming products like the other brands and leave your values out of it?

We could easily be like the rest, but that’s the point – we are not. There are numerous brands out there who are solely concerned with maximising sales and profits without standing for anything in particular. We know that there are like-minded males out there who still retain traditional, old-fashioned values and we believe in standing for those values. We may not dominate the market, but that was never our intention. Our aim is to reach out to our audience who share our values. Anything else is considered a bonus.